How many productivity peeks do you have in one day?

Posted on November 24, 2011


Hi guys!

This post is written after a great article found on Study Hacks. It gives a great perspective on the kind of work, devotion and concentration it takes someone to become an élite performer in anything.

In the article above mentioned the talk is about musicians but expand the pattern to any working field and think a little. In my case I go a little earlier to work because I feel that I’m the most productive in the morning; in the same time I expect from myself to find a way to have the same productivity level thru all day, and most of the time I end up with extra work hours in  order to finish all the things I’ve planned for the day. What is it to gain from every day working like this?

Sure that in this case we can’t compare musicians to company workers (don’t get me wrong I have the most respect for their work but I believe that their schedule is a little more flexible than most of us), but I’ve now promised myself to find a way to have 2-3 peeks of productivity in every working day and after each one try to find relaxing working activities or arrange activities with coworkers when we can loosen-up.

Maybe the high productivity level is just a inheritance from the early industrial age :).

20 something company worker

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