Why did it start?


Probably you’re thinking now why did a 20 something company worker started a blog with the same name. It’s a great question that I’ve asked myself for the past week and I’m sure that I don’t have all the answers in this moment. For now I know that I see this blog as a great platform when I can express myself in terms of professional life and have the chance to hear great opinions from all over the world.

I believe that you’re the sum of all past and possible future experiences and as I made a relatively clear image of my past experiences, I intend to do make the best of my future years. You’re probably wondering how this blog can help ….. my opinion is that on this blog everyone can be anyone they want and do whatever they want. To express myself better I think that first I need to clear my thoughts and then share it to the world ( the blog can help me on that). In order to have a diversity of experiences in different fields of working you need to think it over and imagine yourself in that place ( such as : if I want to think as a marketing responsible I can just think of this blog as my product and try to promote it as effectively as possible. By having all of it online I’m open to a great number of people who can approve or not of my thoughts and methods, who can offer feedback and advice and so on).

I hope that by exercising as much as possible I can bring this platform to a level when someday great young professionals will come back to it as a good place for sharing knowledge, life changing experiences and growth opportunities. I know it’s a lot of work in the future, but I have faith in times to come.

In the end I’m thanking you in advance for your time of reading and commenting this blog and hope that my thoughts can be of help for you in any way.

20smthng company worker

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